Coverings is perhaps the category we encounter and see most often in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is produced from certified raw materials, mainly Scandinavian wood, with modern technology and has as a result the creation of high quality ceilings, floors, frames, outdoor covering, etc.


Ceilings - Floors

The ceilings and floors are made of Pine and Fir wood with small and as few roses as possible after sorting in the production factory.

This process gives the desired result to those who use wood to decorate their space so that the living environment is pleasant and comfortable.

Frames - Plasterboard

Skirts and frames by extension are the elements that complement and decorate all kinds of structures and woodworking and especially the ceilings and floors.

Produced from high quality wood and modern processing technology. Available in various designs and dimensions.

kappawood - frames

Rods - Boards

To complete the floors and ceilings, the frames are necessary so that the floor is durable and stable. The boards are mainly used in the construction of the roof.

They are produced in different sizes and dimensions, planed or plain, fully painted, with high quality pigments that protect the wood from worms and insects.


The deck is a product with special characteristics, made from quality Scandinavian softwood and tropical wood.

They are mainly used outdoors, such as swimming pools, terraces and gardens.